Phonon scattering and stability of Na0.5CoO2



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Zhang, X., Lemmens, P., Gnezdilov, V., Choi, K., Keimer, B., Chen, D. P., Lin, C. & Chou, F. (2005). Phonon scattering and stability of Na0.5CoO2. Physica B: Condensed Matter, 359-361 (1-4), 424-426.


Raman scattering experiments have been performed on NaxCoO2 as a function of temperature at the composition x=0.5 where a structural instability and a metal-insulator transition have been observed. Three additional phonon modes are observed compared to samples with larger x. An in situ annealing study (Tmax = 550K) with the initial presence of water vapor at ambient conditions reveals an irreversible structural instability of this composition.

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