A Soft Stretchable Sensor: Towards Peripheral Nerve Signal Sensing



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Hamilton, C., Tian, K., Bae, J., Yang, C., Alici, G., Spinks, G. M., Suo, Z., Vlassak, J. J. & in het Panhuis, M. (2018). A Soft Stretchable Sensor: Towards Peripheral Nerve Signal Sensing. MRS Advances, 3 (28), 1597-1602.


We propose a 3D-printable soft, stretchable, and transparent hydrogel-elastomer device that is able to detect simulated 'nerve' signals. The signal is passed to a conductive hydrogel electrode through a non-contact method of capacitive coupling through polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS). We demonstrate that the device is able to detect sinusoidal waveforms passed through a simulated 'nerve' made from conductive hydrogel over a range of frequencies (1 kHz - 1 MHz). Analysis of signal detection showed a correlation to the electrode contact area and a V in /V out of larger than 10%. This provides the framework for the future development of a soft, 3D-printable, capacitive coupling device that can be used as a cuff electrode for detecting peripheral nerve signals.

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