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Cai, F., Hu, Z. & Chou, S. (2018). Progress and Future Perspectives on Li(Na)-CO2 Batteries. Advanced Sustainable Systems, 2 (8-9), 1800060-1-1800060-15.


Li(Na)-CO2 batteries are attracting significant research attention due to contemporary energy and environmental issues. Li(Na)-CO2 batteries make possible the utilization of CO2 and open up a new avenue for energy conver-sion and storage. Research on this system is currently in its infancy, and its development is still faced with many challenges in terms of high charge potential, weak rate capability, and poor cyclability. Moreover, the reaction mechanism in the battery is still unclear and hard to determine, due to the generation of carbon along with metal carbonates on the cathode. In this review, the authors present the fundamentals and the latest progress related to Li(Na)-CO2 research. Detailed discussions are provided on the electro-chemical reactions on cathode, cathode materials, and electrolytes. Current challenges and future perspectives on Li(Na)-CO2 batteries are also proposed

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