Wearable Platform for Real-time Monitoring of Sodium in Sweat



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McCaul, M., Porter, A., Barrett, R., White, P., Stroiescu, F., Wallace, G. & Diamond, D. (2018). Wearable Platform for Real-time Monitoring of Sodium in Sweat. ChemPhysChem: a European journal of chemical physics and physical chemistry, 19 (12), 1531-1536.


A fully integrated and wearable platform for harvesting and analysing sweat sodium concentration in real time during exercise has been developed and tested. The platform was largely produced using 3D printing, which greatly simplifies fabrication and operation compared to previous versions generated with traditional production techniques. The 3D printed platform doubles the capacity of the sample storage reservoir to about 1.3ml, reduces the assembly time and provides simple and precise component alignment and contact of the integrated solid-state ion-selective and reference electrodes with the sorbent material. The sampling flowrate in the device can be controlled by introducing threads to enhance wicking of sweat from the skin, across the electrodes to the storage area. The platform was characterised in the lab and in exercise trials over a period of about 60 minutes continuous monitoring. Sweat sodium concentration was found to rise initially to approximately 17mM and decline gradually over the period of the trial to about 11-12mM.

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