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Qviller, AJ, Yurchenko, VV, Galperin, Y. M, Vestgarden, JI, Mozhaeva, PB, Hansen, JB & Johansen, TH (2012), Quasi-one-dimensional intermittent flux behavior in superconducting films. Physical Review X, 2(1), pp. 011007-1-011007-7.


Intermittent filamentary dynamics of the vortex matter in superconductors is found in films of YBa2Cu3O7-δ deposited on tilted substrates. Deposition of this material on such substrates creates parallel channels of easy flux penetration when a magnetic field is applied perpendicular to the film. As the applied field is gradually increased, magneto-optical imaging reveals that flux penetrates via numerous quasi-one-dimensional jumps. The distribution of flux avalanche sizes follows a power law, and data collapse is obtained by finite-size scaling, with the depth of the flux front used as crossover length. The intermittent behavior shows no threshold value in the applied field, in contrast to conventional flux jumping. The results strongly suggest that the quasi-one-dimensional flux jumps are of a different nature than the thermomagnetic dendritic (branching) avalanches that are commonly found in superconducting films.



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