Fe/FeO/Fe/FeV Multilayers Characterized by Magnetometry and Polarized Neutron Reflectometry



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Callori, S. J., Chao, K., Causer, G. L., Nagy, B., Kiss, L. F., Sulyok, A., Bottyan, L., Lin, K. & Klose, F. (2017). Fe/FeO/Fe/FeV Multilayers Characterized by Magnetometry and Polarized Neutron Reflectometry. Ieee Magnetics Letters, 8 4102205-1-4102205-5.


We use argon ion-bombardment during Fe layer deposition as a way to tailor the structural and magnetic properties of bilayer and multilayer systems containing Fe/FeV components. We present structural and magnetic results on Fe/FeV bilayer and Fe/Fe-oxide/Fe/FeV multilayer systems. Magnetization measurements were taken over a range of temperatures and show the expected ferromagnetic behavior for the Fe/FeV bilayer. The Fe/Fe-oxide/Fe/FeV multilayer demonstrates an enhanced coercivity and exchange bias at low temperatures, both due to the presence of the antiferromagnetic Fe-oxide layer. Polarized neutron reflectometry results (scattering length density depth profile and neutron spin asymmetry) were used to identify mixed interfacial layers resulting from ion-bombardment. These demonstrated a lower magnetic moment than bulk Fe layers and may undergo a reversal process that differs from non-mixed layers within the sample.

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