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Zhuang, J., Yeoh, W., Yen, H., Xu, X., Du, Y., Liu, H., Yao, C., Ma, Y., Wang, X., Ringer, S. & Dou, S. (2018). Microscopic origin of highly enhanced supercurrent in 122 pnictide superconductor. Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 754 1-6.


By a combination of microstructure analysis techniques, we reveal the structural origin of the extremely high supercurrent (up to the practical level of 0.1 MA/cm 2 at 10 T, 4.2 K) in Sr 0.6 K 0.4 Fe 2 As 2 (122) tape. Transmission Kikuchi diffraction analysis reveals that hot pressing promotes a very high fraction of low-angle grain boundaries and texturing of the crystals, which is beneficial for the intergrain physical properties. Moreover, the unique characteristics of low-angle grain boundaries favor both long-range dislocations and short-range dislocations that totally change the pinning mechanism of the bulk 122 system. These defects combined with the grain texturing are not only effective for pinning vortices in the superconducting state, but also improve inter-granular supercurrent degradation, leading to substantially enhanced supercurrent over a wide range of magnetic fields.

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