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Zhao, Y., Liang, J., Wang, C., Ma, J. & Wallace, G. G. (2018). Tunable and Efficient Tin Modified Nitrogen-Doped Carbon Nanofibers for Electrochemical Reduction of Aqueous Carbon Dioxide. Advanced Energy Materials, 8 (10), 1702524-1-1702524-9.


Efficient and selective earth-abundant catalysts are highly desirable to drive the electrochemical conversion of CO2 into value-added chemicals. In this work, a low-cost Sn modified N-doped carbon nanofiber hybrid catalyst is developed for switchable CO2 electroreduction in aqueous medium via a straightforward electrospinning technique coupled with a pyrolysis process. The electrocatalytic performance can be tuned by the structure of Sn species on the N-doped carbon nanofibers. Sn nanoparticles drive efficient formate formation with a high current density of 11 mA cm−2 and a faradaic efficiency of 62% at a moderate overpotential of 690 mV. Atomically dispersed Sn spe-cies promote conversion of CO2 to CO with a high faradaic efficiency of 91% at a low overpotential of 490 mV. The interaction between Sn species and pyridinic-N may play an important role in tuning the catalytic activity and selectivity of these two materials.

Grant Number

ARC/CE140100012, ARC/FL110100196