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Gao, L., Guo, H., Zhang, S. & Randall, C. A. (2018). Stabilized antiferroelectricity in xBiScO3-(1-x)NaNbO3 lead-free ceramics with established double hysteresis loops. Applied Physics Letters, 112 (9), 092905-1-092905-5.


We previously reported various solid solution systems that demonstrated the stabilized antiferroelectric (P) phases in NaNbO 3 through lowering the tolerance factor. However, all those reported modifications were achieved by adding A 2+ B 4+ O 3 type solid solutions. A lead-free antiferroelectric (AFE) solid solution xBiScO 3 -(1-x)NaNbO 3 was rationalized by adopting the tolerance factor design rule. Specifically, adding BiScO 3 was found to effectively stabilize the AFE phase without changing the crystal symmetry of NaNbO 3 . Microstructure and electron zone axis diffraction patterns from transmission electron microscopy revealed the stabilized AFE (P) phase in this solid solution. Besides, the electric-field-induced polarization with a double-hysteresis loop was observed. The present results pointed out that the strategy could also be applied while adding A 3+ B 3+ O 3 type solid solutions. In addition, it expanded the compositional design that can be applied to antiferroelectric materials.



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