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Lu, Z., Foroughi, J., Wang, C., Long, H. & Wallace, G. G. (2018). Superelastic Hybrid CNT/Graphene Fibers for Wearable Energy Storage. Advanced Energy Materials, 8 (8), 1702047-1-1702047-10.


The demands for wearable technologies continue to grow and novel approaches for powering these devices are being enabled by the advent of new electromaterials and novel fabrication strategies. Herein, a novel approach is reported to develop superelastic wet-spun hybrid carbon nanotube graphene fibers followed by electrodeposition of polyaniline to achieve a high-performance fiber-based supercapacitor. It is found that the specific capacitance of hybrid carbon nanotube (CNT)/graphene fiber is enhanced up to ≈39% using a graphene to CNT fiber ratio of 1:3. Fabrication of spring-like coiled fiber coated with an elastic polymer shows an extraordinary elasticity capable of 800% strain while affording a specific capacitance of ≈138 F g -1 . The elastic rubber coating enables extreme stretchability and enabling cycles with up to 500% strain for thousands of cycles with no significant change in its performance. Multiple supercapacitors can be easily assembled in series or parallel to meet specific energy and power needs.



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