A Δ-Y Hybrid Impedance Network Boost Converter with Reduced Input Current Ripple



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Zhang, N., Zhang, G. & See, K. (2017). A Δ-Y Hybrid Impedance Network Boost Converter with Reduced Input Current Ripple. IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics, 33 (4), 2803-2808.


IEEE This letter is to present a & #x0394;-Y hybrid impedance network based boost converter with reduced input current ripple. Comparing to the existing impedance network based boost converters to enhance the output port characteristic, i.e., voltage conversion ratio, of the traditional boost converter (TBC), the proposed converter applies the impedance network to improve its input port performance, i.e., the input current ripple issue. The proposed & #x0394;-Y hybrid impedance network consists of the TBC & #x0027;s main inductor, an additional coupled inductor and an additional resonant inductor and capacitor pair. With the application of the & #x0394;-Y hybrid impedance network, the proposed converter can remain TBC & #x0027;s voltage conversion feature while effectively reduce the input current ripple and the average current of the main inductor. The operating principle of the proposed converter is explained and the principle of current ripple reduction is analyzed in detail. Experimental results from a prototype are carried out to validate the effectiveness of the proposed converter.

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