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Han, Y., Ge, Y., Chao, Y., Wang, C. & Wallace, G. G. (2018). Recent progress in 2D materials for flexible supercapacitors. Journal of Energy Chemistry, 27 (1), 57-72.


High performance supercapacitors coupled with mechanical flexibility are needed to drive flexible and wearable electronics that have anesthetic appeal and multi-functionality. Two dimensional (2D) materials have attracted attention owing to their unique physicochemical and electrochemical properties, in addition to their ability to form hetero-structures with other nanomaterials further improving mechanical and electrochemical properties. After a brief introduction of supercapacitors and 2D materials, recent progress on flexible supercapacitors using 2D materials is reviewed. Here we provide insights into the structure-property relationships of flexible electrodes, in particular free-standing films. We also present our perspectives on the development of flexible supercapacitors.

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