Alloy-Based Anode Materials toward Advanced Sodium-Ion Batteries



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Lao, M., Zhang, Y., Luo, W., Yan, Q., Sun, W. & Dou, S. Xue. (2017). Alloy-Based Anode Materials toward Advanced Sodium-Ion Batteries. Advanced Materials, 29 (48), 1700622-1-1700622-23.


Sodium-ion batteries (SIBs) are considered as promising alternatives to lithium-ion batteries owing to the abundant sodium resources. However, the limited energy density, moderate cycling life, and immature manufacture technology of SIBs are the major challenges hindering their practical application. Recently, numerous efforts are devoted to developing novel electrode materials with high specific capacities and long durability. In comparison with carbonaceous materials (e.g., hard carbon), partial Group IVA and VA elements, such as Sn, Sb, and P, possess high theoretical specific capacities for sodium storage based on the alloying reaction mechanism, demonstrating great potential for high-energy SIBs. In this review, the recent research progress of alloy-type anodes and their compounds for sodium storage is summarized. Specific efforts to enhance the electrochemical performance of the alloy-based anode materials are discussed, and the challenges and perspectives regarding these anode materials are proposed.

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