Local Electric Field Facilitates High-Performance Li-Ion Batteries



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Liu, Y., Zhou, T., Zheng, Y., He, Z., Xiao, C., Pang, W., Tong, W., Zou, Y., Pan, B., Guo, Z. & Xie, Y. (2017). Local Electric Field Facilitates High-Performance Li-Ion Batteries. ACS NANO, 11 (8), 8519-8526.


By scrutinizing the energy storage process in Li-ion batteries, tuning Li-ion migration behavior by atomic level tailoring will unlock great potential for pursuing higher electrochemical performance. Vacancy, which can effectively modulate the electrical ordering on the nanoscale, even in tiny concentrations, will provide tempting opportunities for manipulating Li-ion migratory behavior. Herein, taking CuGeO3 as a model, oxygen vacancies obtained by reducing the thickness dimension down to the atomic scale are introduced in this work. As the Li-ion storage progresses, the imbalanced charge distribution emerging around the oxygen vacancies could induce a local built-in electric field, which will accelerate the ions' migration rate by Coulomb forces and thus have benefits for high-rate performance. Furthermore, the thusobtained CuGeO3 ultrathin nanosheets (CGOUNs)/graphene van der Waals heterojunctions are used as anodes in Li-ion batteries, which deliver a reversible specific capacity of 1295 mAh g−1 at 100 mA g−1 , with improved rate capability and cycling performance compared to their bulk counterpart. Our findings build a clear connection between the atomic/ defect/electronic structure and intrinsic properties for designing high-efficiency electrode materials.

Grant Number

ARC/DP170102406, ARC/FT150100109, ARC/FT160100251

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