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Peterson, V. K., Auckett, J. E. & Pang, W. (2017). Real-time powder diffraction studies of energy materials under non-equilibrium conditions. IUCrJ, 4 (5), 540-554.


Energy materials form the central part of energy devices. An essential part of their function is the ability to reversibly host charge or energy carriers, and analysis of their phase composition and structure in real time under nonequilibrium conditions is mandatory for a full understanding of their atomicscale functional mechanism. Real-time powder diffraction is increasingly being applied for this purpose, forming a critical step in the strategic chemical engineering of materials with improved behaviour. This topical review gives examples of real-time analysis using powder diffraction of rechargeable battery electrodes and porous sorbent materials used for the separation and storage of energy-relevant gases to demonstrate advances in the insights which can be gained into their atomic-scale function.

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