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Cho, W., Seo, Y., Jung, S. Jae., Lee, W. Gil., Kim, B. Chul., Mathieson, G. & Yu, K. (2013). Removal of Na+ from Ionic Liquids by Zeolite for High Quality Electrolyte Manufacture. Bulletin of the Korean Chemical Society, 34 (6), 1693-1697.


This study develops a novel method to remove the free cations created during the synthesis of ionic liquid. The cations are removed from the ionic liquid by size-selective adsorption onto chemically surface-modified Zeolite. The porous crystal nano-structure of Zeolite has several electron-rich Al sites to attract cations. While large cations of an ionic liquid cannot access the Zeolite nano-structure, small cations like Na+ have ready access and are adsorbed. This study confirms that: Na+ can be removed from ionic liquid effectively using Zeolite; and, in contrast to the conventional and extensively applied ion exchange resin method or solvent extraction methods, this can be done without changing the nature of the ionic liquid.



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