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Mei, L., Xu, J., Wei, Z., Liu, H., Li, Y., Ma, J. & Dou, S. (2017). Chevrel Phase Mo6T8 (T = S, Se) as Electrodes for Advanced Energy Storage. Small, 13 (34), 1701441 -1-1701441 -11.


With the large-scale applications of electric vehicles in recent years, future batteries are required to be higher in power and possess higher energy densities, be more environmental friendly, and have longer cycling life, lower cost, and greater safety than current batteries. Therefore, to develop alternative electrode materials for advanced batteries is an important research direction. Recently, the Chevrel phase Mo 6 T 8 (T = S, Se) has attracted increasing attention as electrode candidate for advanced batteries, including monovalent (e.g., lithium and sodium) and multivalent (e.g., magnesium, zinc and aluminum) ion batteries. Benefiting from its unique open crystal structure, the Chevrel phase Mo 6 T 8 cannot only ensure rapid ion transport, but also retain the structure stability during electrochemical reactions. Although the history of the research on Mo 6 T 8 as electrodes for advanced batteries is short, there has been significant progress on the design and fabrication of Mo 6 T 8 for various advanced batteries as above mentioned. An overview of the recent progress on Mo 6 T 8 electrodes applied in advanced batteries is provided, including synthesis methods and diverse structures for Mo 6 T 8 , and electrochemical mechanism and performance of Mo 6 T 8 . Additionally, a briefly conclusion on the significant progress, obvious drawbacks, emerging challenges and some perspectives on the research of Mo 6 T 8 for advanced batteries in the near future is provided.

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