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Ko, Y., Kim, J., Kim, D., Yamauchi, Y., Kim, J. Ho. & You, J. (2017). A Simple Silver Nanowire Patterning Method Based on Poly(Ethylene Glycol) Photolithography and Its Application for Soft Electronics. Scientific Reports, 7 (1), 2282-1-2282-9.


Hydrogel-based flexible microelectrodes have garnered considerable attention recently for soft bioelectronic applications. We constructed silver nanowire (AgNW) micropatterns on various substrates, via a simple, cost-effective, and eco-friendly method without aggressive etching or lift-off processes. Polyethylene glycol (PEG) photolithography was employed to construct AgNW patterns with various shapes and sizes on the glass substrate. Based on a second hydrogel gelation process, AgNW patterns on glass substrate were directly transferred to the synthetic/natural hydrogel substrates. The resultant AgNW micropatterns on the hydrogel exhibited high conductivity (ca. 8.40 x 103 S cm-1) with low sheet resistance (7.51 ± 1.11¿/sq), excellent bending durability (increases in resistance of only ¿3 and ¿13% after 40 and 160 bending cycles, respectively), and good stability in wet conditions (an increase in resistance of only ¿6% after 4 h). Considering both biocompatibility of hydrogel and high conductivity of AgNWs, we anticipate that the AgNW micropatterned hydrogels described here will be particularly valuable as highly efficient and mechanically stable microelectrodes for the development of next-generation bioelectronic devices, especially for implantable biomedical devices.



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