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Feng, H., Du, Y., Wang, C. & Hao, W. (2017). Efficient visible-light photocatalysts by constructing dispersive energy band with anisotropic p and s-p hybridization states. Current Opinion in Green and Sustainable Chemistry, 6 93-100.


Highly efficient visible-light photocatalysts are strongly in demand because they make it possible to achieve higher efficiency in utilization of solar energy, w hich is renewable and abundant. A narrow band gap, effective separation of photoexcited charge carriers, and proper band-edge positions, which depend on the band structure of the photocatalyst, are crucial for solar-energy conversion efficiency. In this review, we have summarized reports on the strategy of exploiting highly efficient visible-light photocatalysts by constructing their band structure with anisotropic p and s-p hybridization states. Taking advantage of their dispersive and easily tunable band properties, enhanced efficiency in solar light absorption, efficient separation of photoexcited charge carriers and catalytic reactions are expected to be simultaneously achieved.

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