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Zheng, X., Zhang, P., Wang, L., Tao, S., Wang, Y., Huang, L., Sun, S. & Li, J. (2017). Superior Li storage anode based on novel Fe-Sn-P alloy prepared by electroplating. Electrochimica Acta, 247 314-320.


Novel ternary Fe-Sn-P alloys prepared by simple single-step electrodeposition are investigated as promising anodes for Li-ion batteries. The Fe 51 Sn 38 P 11 electrode, in particular, shows outstanding Li-storage properties, with initial specific discharge/charge capacities of 857.8 and 655 mA h g ¿1 , respectively. The reversible capacity remains stable at 427 mA h g ¿1 , even after 90 cycles, corresponding to a coulombic efficiency of 96% and a capacity retention of 65%. The cauliflower-like morphology of the above anode is well preserved after 90 cycles, suggesting that this alloy could significantly mitigate the electrode volume expansion by exerting a positive multiphase synergistic effect. The superior electrochemical performance of the ternary Fe-Sn-P alloys confirmed its potential as an alternative Li-ion storage anode; the large-scale suitability of the developed electroplating method provides an additional advantage.



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