Flux pinning and inhomogeneity in MgB2/Fe wires



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Husnjak, O, Babic, E, Kusevic, I, Wang, X, Soltanian, S & Dou, SX (2007), Flux pinning and inhomogeneity in MgB2/Fe wires, Solid State Communications, 143(8-9), pp. 412-415.


Transport critical current densities Jc and irreversibility fields of undoped and nanoparticle doped (10 wt% SiC) Fe-sheathed MgB2wires were measured from 2 to 40 K in magnetic field. For the best segments of wires (≤1 cm) both the magnitude and field variations of Jc and the pinning force density Fp=JcB depend only on the magnitude of Biir, hence the strength of flux-pinning. Biir of doped wire for T≤30K is ~1.4 times larger than that of undoped and reaches that of NbTi (10 T at 4.2 K) already at 20 K. Accordingly, its high-field Jcs and Fps are large, typically three times larger than the best literature results, and are limited by the porosity and inhomogeneity of the superconducting cores in present-day MgB2 wires.

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