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Yao, Q, Wang, X & Dou, SX (2008), Dielectric, magnetic, and magnetotransport properties in Sr doped two-dimensional RE2CoO4 (RE=Pr,Eu) compounds, In 52nd Annual Conference on Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, NOV 05-09, 2007, Tampa, Florida, USA, Journal of Applied Physics, 103(7), pp. 1-7.


In this work, we report on the studies of dielectric, magnetic, and magnetotransport properties of Sr doped RE2-xSrxCoO4 (RE=Pr or Eu, x=0.25-1.5). These compounds were systematically studied in terms of structure, magnetic, magnetotransport, and dielectric constant measurements. Rietveld refinement indicated that these compounds crystallized in K2NiF4-type structure with space group I4/mmm. Lattice parameters increase with Sr doping level. The system changes from paramagnetic to ferromagnetic with increasing Sr doping level and finally becomes ferromagnetic with TC of 230 K for Pr0.75Sr1.25CoO4 and EuSrCoO4, respectively. The temperature dependence of resistivity indicates that both systems change from semiconductive to metallic with Sr doping. The magnetoresistance (MR) value of 10% at 5 K and 8 T is found for the EuSrCoO4 compound. Large dielectric constants with values of above 2000 were observed in low frequencies for samples with x around 1 for Pr based compounds.



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