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Zhang, H., Li, Z., Peng, J., Song, C., Guan, J., Li, Z., Wang, L., He, K., Ji, S., Chen, X., Yao, H., Ma, X. & Xue, Q. (2016). Visualizing the elongated vortices in γ -Ga nanostrips. Physical Review B: Condensed Matter and Materials Physics, 93 020501-1-020501-5.


We study the magnetic response of superconducting γ -Ga via low temperature scanning tunneling microscopy and spectroscopy. The magnetic vortex cores rely substantially on the Ga geometry, and exhibit an unexpectedly large axial elongation with aspect ratio up to 40 in rectangular Ga nanostrips (width l < 100 nm). This is in stark contrast with the isotropic circular vortex core in a larger round-shaped Ga island. We suggest that the unusual elongated vortices in Ga nanostrips originate from geometric confinement effect probably via the strong repulsive interaction between the vortices and Meissner screening currents at the sample edge. Our finding provides novel conceptual insights into the geometrical confinement effect on magnetic vortices and forms the basis for the technological applications of superconductors.



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