Functional Electro-materials Based on Ferricyanide Redox-active Ionic Liquids



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Doherty, A. P., Graham, L., Wagner, K., Officer, D. L., Chen, J. & Wallace, G. G. (2017). Functional Electro-materials Based on Ferricyanide Redox-active Ionic Liquids. Electrochimica Acta, 245 934-940.


The unique physical and chemical properties of conventional room temperature ionic liquids (RTILs) render them highly deployable materials in electrochemical devices performing functions such as solvent-free electrolytes in capacitors, batteries and sensors. However, these non-faradaic applications can be complimented by incorporating faradaic redox functionality into the ionic liquid structure which facilitates access to a large array of new electrochemical applications such as dye sensitised solar cells, redox batteries, hydrid capacitors and selective amperometric sensor applications which are all reliant on heterogeneous or homogenous electron-transfer processes. This paper presents and discuses some examples of redox active ionic liquids base on the ferri-/ferro- functionality. These functional electro-materials which are already known [Ref. [18]] exhibit simple reversible one-electron electrochemistry at very negative potentials (by at least ¿1 V relative to aqueous systems) in anhydrous media. Glass transition temperatures lower than ¿50 °C were also observed along with an overall thermal stability up to at least 400 °C under dry N2 atmosphere conditions. Opportunities and challenges for these types of electro-materials are discussed.

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