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Li, Z., Zhuang, J., Chen, L., Ni, Z., Liu, C., Wang, L., Xu, X., Wang, J., Pi, X., Wang, X., Du, Y., Wu, K. & Dou, S. Xue. (2016). Observation of van Hove Singularities in Twisted Silicene Multilayers. ACS Central science, 2 517-521.


Interlayer interactions perturb the electronic structure of twodimensional materials and lead to new physical phenomena, such as van Hove singularities and Hofstadter's butterfly pattern. Silicene, the recently discovered two-dimensional form of silicon, is quite unique, in that silicon atoms adopt competing sp2 and sp3 hybridization states leading to a lowbuckled structure promising relatively strong interlayer interaction. In multilayer silicene, the stacking order provides an important yet rarely explored degree of freedom for tuning its electronic structures through manipulating interlayer coupling. Here, we report the emergence of van Hove singularities in the multilayer silicene created by an interlayer rotation. We demonstrate that even a large-angle rotation (>20°) between stacked silicene layers can generate a Moiré pattern and van Hove singularities due to the strong interlayer coupling in multilayer silicene. Our study suggests an intriguing method for expanding the tunability of the electronic structure for electronic applications in this two-dimensional material.

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