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Hou, L., Wang, L., Wang, N., Guo, F., Liu, J., Chen, Y., Liu, J., Zhao, Y. & Jiang, L. (2016). Separation of organic liquid mixture by flexible nanofibrous membranes with precisely tunable wettability. NPG Asia Materials, 8 e334-1-e334-8.


Separation of liquid mixtures, especially organic liquid mixtures, is widely used in industrial processes but still faces challenges with respect to separation in a high-efficiency, low-energy mode. In this work, we report a flexible wettability-tunable nanofibrous membrane composed of a high-performance fluoro-polymer as the matrix and fluorosilane as a surface energy regulator that can be successfully applied in immiscible organic liquid mixture separation. The separation is achieved by tuning the surface energy of a membrane to a value between the surface tensions of two organic liquids. Moreover, for use in different mixed liquid systems, we programmatically designed nanofibrous membranes with the proper surface energy that could intercept the relatively high surface tension liquid and allow the low surface tension liquid to pass through. These membranes are expected to become a competitive candidate for complex organic chemical product separation, resource recycling, and environmental protection.



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