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Sader, J. E., Borgani, R., Gibson, C. T., Haviland, D. B., Higgins, M. J., Kilpatrick, J., Lu, J., Mulvaney, P., Shearer, C. J., Slattery, A. D., Thorén, P., Tran, J., Zhang, H. & Zheng, T. (2016). A virtual instrument to standardise the calibration of atomic force microscope cantilevers. Review of Scientific Instruments, 87 093711-1-093711-14.


Atomic force microscope (AFM) users often calibrate the spring constants of cantilevers using functionality built into individual instruments. This calibration is performed without reference to a global standard, hindering the robust comparison of force measurements reported by different laboratories. Here, we describe a virtual instrument (an internet-based initiative) whereby users from all laboratories can instantly and quantitatively compare their calibration measurements to those of others-standardising AFM force measurements-and simultaneously enabling non-invasive calibration of AFM cantilevers of any geometry. This global calibration initiative requires no additional instrumentation or data processing on the part of the user. It utilises a single website where users upload currently available data. A proof-of-principle demonstration of this initiative is presented using measured data from five independent laboratories across three countries, which also allows for an assessment of current calibration.



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