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Cai, Q., Guo, Q., Liu, Y., Ma, Z., Li, H., Qiu, W., Patel, D., Jie, H., Kim, J., Somer, M., Yanmaz, E., Devred, A., Luzin, V., Fatehmulla, A., Farooq, W. Aslam., Gajda, D., Bando, Y., Yamauchi, Y., Pradhan, S. & Hossain, M. A. (2017). Doping-Induced Isotopic Mg11B2 Bulk Superconductor for Fusion Application. Energies, 10 (3), 409-1-409-7.


Superconducting wires are widely used for fabricating magnetic coils in fusion reactors. Superconducting magnet system represents a key determinant of the thermal efficiency and the construction/operating costs of such a reactor. In consideration of the stability of 11B against fast neutron irradiation and its lower induced radioactivation properties, MgB2 superconductor with 11B serving as the boron source is an alternative candidate for use in fusion reactors with a severe high neutron flux environment. In the present work, the glycine-doped Mg11B2 bulk superconductor was synthesized from isotopic 11B powder to enhance the high field properties. The critical current density was enhanced (103 A·cm−2 at 20 K and 5 T) over the entire field in contrast with the sample prepared from natural boron.

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