Magnetocaloric effect in the metamagnet ErRhSi compound



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Debnath, J. C., Nair, H. S., Strydom, A. M., Kumar, K. Ramesh. & Wang, J. (2016). Magnetocaloric effect in the metamagnet ErRhSi compound. Journal of Applied Physics, 120 (23), 233902-1-233902-6.


The magnetocaloric effect is observed in the 1:1:1 compound ErRhSi, which is a metamagnet is reported in this paper. ErRhSi crystallizes in the orthorhombic space group Pnma, adopting the TiNiSi structure type, with lattice parameters a(Å) = 6.7903(5), b(Å) = 4.1881(3), and c(Å) = 7.3847(4). Our magnetic measurements confirm an antiferromagnetic phase transition at TN ¿ 8.5 K, also supported by the specific heat measurement. Crystal field effects of Er3+ are suggested by the inverse magnetic susceptibility data which do not conform to an ideal Curie-Weiss behaviour and also by the total entropy that attains Rln (2) at TN. Although the magnetic hysteresis indicates ErRhSi to be a soft magnet, several clear metamagnetic features are observed at 2 K. Magnetic entropy change ¿SM = ¿ 8.7 J/kg-K is observed at about 9 K with the application of 5 T magnetic field. The corresponding adiabatic temperature change ¿Tad is about 4 K. Large magnetocaloric effects suggest that this material is suitable for the low temperature magnetic refrigeration.

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