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Xiao, J., Arseneau, D. J., Bridges, M. D., Cortie, D., Cottrell, S. P., Dehn, M., Fleming, D. G., Kelly, J., Kiefl, R. F., MacFarlane, W. A., MacLachlan, M. & McKenzie, I. (2014). Interaction of the Mu-cyclohexadienyl radical with metallic (Au, Pt) nanoparticles in mesoporous silica. Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 551 012044-1-012044-6.


SR and ALCR techniques have been used to investigate the structure and dynamics of the Mu-cyclohexadienyl radical interacting with Au and Pt metal nanoparticles (MNPs) supported in mesoporous silica (SBA-15). Surprisingly, coherent precession signals are observed and the isotropic hyperne coupling constants are almost the same in loaded and unloaded samples, implying that the electronic structure of MuC6H6 is only weakly perturbed by the presence of the MNPs. We propose the observed radicals are shielded from the metallic surfaces by a benzene coating on the MNPs. The 1 resonance is observable in MNP-loaded samples at higher temperatures than in the unloaded SBA-15. This is attributed to stronger binding of MuC6H6 to the benzene coated MNPs.



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