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Dehn, M. H., Arseneau, D. J., Bridges, M. D., Buck, T., Cortie, D. L., Cottrell, S. P., Fleming, D. G., Kelly, J. A., MacFarlane, W. A., MacLachlan, M. J., Morris, G. D., McKenzie, I., Xiao, J. & Kiefl, R. F. (2014). Spin depolarization of muonium in mesoporous silica. Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 551 012006-1-012006-6.


We report muon spin rotation/relaxation measurements of muonium in mesoporous silica (SBA-15) with a high specific surface area of 600 m2/g. Up to 70 percent of the incoming muons form muonium and escape efficiently into the open pores at all temperatures between 3 and 300K. We present evidence that the interaction with the silica surfaces involves both spin exchange and a transition to a diamagnetic state, possibly due to dangling bonds on the surface. At very low temperatures, below 20K, the interaction between muonium and the silica surfaces is suppressed due to a He film coating the surfaces. These results indicate that it should be possible to use muonium to probe the surfaces of uncapped nanoparticles supported in silica.



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