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MacFarlane, W. A., Peets, D. C., Buck, T., Chow, K. H., Cortie, D. L., Jain, A., Pomerantz, C., Tschense, C. B. L., Wang, D. & Keimer, B. (2014). SR measurements of the magnetism of Sr3Fe2O7. Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 551 (1), 012001-1-012001-5.


We present a preliminary report of zero and transverse field ¿SR measurements in a high quality single crystal of fully oxygenated Sr3Fe2O7[1], the insulating 3d magnetic analogue of the well studied Sr3Ru2O7, in its charge-disproportionated state, through the magnetic transition to the incommensurate phase at TN ¿ 115 K. A very broad distribution of static fields below Tn yields a large (2/3) missing fraction. Rapidly damped zero field oscillations indicate a large internal field at the muon, estimated to be 0.46 T at 0 K. In the paramagnetic state, we find two muon precession frequencies at 0.25 T applied field, reminiscent of the Mössbauer spectra.



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