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Dehn, M. H., Arseneau, D. J., Boni, P., Bridges, M. D., Buck, T., Cortie, D. L., Fleming, D. G., Kelly, J. A., MacFarlane, W. A., MacLachlan, M. J., McFadden, R. M. L., Morris, G. D., Wang, P., Xiao, J., Zamarion, V. M. & Kiefl, R. F. (2016). Communication: Chemisorption of muonium on gold nanoparticles: A sensitive new probe of surface magnetism and reactivity. Journal of Chemical Physics, 145 (18), 181102-1-181102-5.


Chemisorption of muonium onto the surface of gold nanoparticles has been observed. Muonium (u+e-), a light hydrogen-like atom, reacts chemically with uncapped 7 nm gold nanoparticles embedded in mesoporous silica (SBA-15) with a strong temperature-dependent rate. The addition rate is fast enough to allow coherent spin transfer into a diamagnetic muon state on the nanoparticle surface. The muon is well established as a sensitive probe of static or slowly fluctuating magnetic fields in bulk matter. These results represent the first muon spin rotation signal on a nanoparticle surface or any metallic surface. Only weak magnetic effects are seen on the surface of these Au nanoparticles consistent with Pauli paramagnetism.



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