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Hong, F., Yue, B., Wang, J. Li., Studer, A., Fang, C., Wang, X., Dou, S. & Cheng, Z. (2016). Collapse and reappearance of magnetic orderings in spin frustrated TbMnO3 induced by Fe substitution. Applied Physics Letters, 109 (10), 102401-1-102401-5.


We studied the temperature dependent magnetic phase evolution in spin frustrated TbMnO3 affected by Fe doping via powder neutron diffraction. With the introduction of Fe (10% and 20%), the long range incommensurate magnetic orderings collapse. When the Fe content is increased to 30%, a long-range antiferromagnetic ordering develops, while a spin reorientation transition is found near 35 K from a canted G-type antiferromagnetic ordering to a collinear G-type antiferromagnetic ordering. This work demonstrates the complex magnetic interactions existing in transition metal oxides, which helps to understand the frustrated spin states in other similar systems and design magnetic materials as well.

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