Magnesium diboride(Mgb2) wires for applications



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Patel, D. & Kim, J. (2016). Magnesium diboride(Mgb2) wires for applications. Progress in Superconductivity and Cryogenics, 18 (1), 1-5.


Field and temperature dependence of the critical current density, Jc, were measured for both un-doped and carbon doped MgB2/Nb/Monel wires manufactured by Hyper Tech Research, Inc. In particular, carbon incorporation into the MgB2 structure using malic acid additive and a chemical solution method can be advantageous because of the highly uniform mixing between the carbon and boron powders. At 4.2 K and 10 T, Jc was estimated to be 25,000 - 25,300 Acm-2 for the wire sintered at 600°C for 4 hours. The irreversibility field, Birr, of the malic acid doped wire was approximately 21.0 - 21.8 T, as obtained from a linear extrapolation of the J-B characteristic. Interestingly enough, the Jc of the malic acid doped sample exceeds 105 Acm-2 at 6 T and 4.2 K, which is comparable to that of commercial Nb-Ti wires.

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