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Boskovic, D., Balakrishnan, S., Huang, S. & Swiegers, G. F. (2016). Kinematic molecular manufacturing machines. Coordination Chemistry Reviews, 329 163-190.


The principles of kinematic manufacturing machines of the type widely used since the industrial revolution are reviewed. Consideration is then given to how the principles of kinematics ('the geometry of motion') may manifest in molecular catalysts. Actions of this type involve synchronized, regular, repeated and rapid conformational flexing along geometrically optimum pathways that define a single degree of freedom. The proposition that many of the catalysts of biology, enzymes, may generally exploit a kinematic action is discussed. Thereafter, in the major portion of this work, representative abiological molecular catalysts whose actions display the characteristic features of kinematic manufacturing processes, are reviewed. In accordance with the principles of kinematics, molecular catalytic actions of this type are shown to be capable of transforming unremarkable chemical species into powerful catalysts with high activities, selectivities, and durabilities.



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