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Shenouda, AY & Liu, HK, (2010), Preparation, characterization, and electrochemical performance of Li2CuSnO4 and Li2CuSnSiO6 electrodes for lithium batteries, Journal of Electrochemical Society, 157(11), pp. A1183-A1187.


Lithium copper tin silicon oxide was prepared from their precursor compounds using Brij surfactant and different sources of Si such as SiO2, SiC, and Si3N4. A hydrothermal autoclave method was used in the first stage of the preparation. X-ray diffraction characterization revealed that the crystal structures of these compounds were tetragonal. Scanning electron microscope investigation showed that the particle size morphology of Li2CuSnSiO6 is larger than that of Li2CuSnO4. Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy explained that the cell prepared from the Li2CuSnSiO6 electrode using Si3N4precursor had a lower charge-transfer resistance (38 Ω) than that of Li2CuSnO4 (Rct = 2936 Ω). Furthermore, the reversible specific discharge capacity of the Li2CuSnSiO6 cell was 870 mAh/g in comparison with 780 mAh/g for the Li2CuSnO4 cell after 100 cycles.



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