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Liu, N., Dutta, S., Salunkhe, R. R., Ahamad, T., Alshehri, S. M., Yamauchi, Y., Hou, C. & Wu, K. C.-W. (2016). ZIF-8 derived, nitrogen-doped porous electrodes of carbon polyhedron particles for high-performance electrosorption of salt ions. Scientific Reports, 6 28847-1-28847-7.


Three-dimensional (3-D) ZIF-8 derived carbon polyhedrons with high nitrogen (N) content, (denoted as NC-800) are synthesized for their application as high-performance electrodes in electrosorption of salt ions. The results showed a high specific capacitance of 160.8 F·g−1 in 1 M NaCl at a scan rate of 5 mV·s−1. Notably, integration of 3-D mesopores and micropores in NC-800 achieves an excellent capacitive deionization (CDI) performance. The electrosorption of salt ions at the electrical double layer is enhanced by N-doping at the edges of a hexagonal lattice of NC-800. As evidenced, when the initial NaCl solution concentration is 1 mM, the resultant NC-800 exhibits a remarkable CDI potential with a promising salt electrosorption capacity of 8.52 mg·g−1.



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