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Yue, Z. J., Chen, Q. J. & Wang, X. L. (2016). Thermoelectric signals of state transition in polycrystalline SmB6. Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, 28 (35), 355801-1-355801-4.


Topological Kondo insulator SmB6 has attracted quite a lot of attention from the condensed matter physics community. A number of unique electronic properties, including low-temperature resistivity anomaly, 1D electronic transport and 2D Fermi surfaces have been observed in SmB6. Here, we report on thermoelectric transport properties of polycrystalline SmB6 over a broad temperature from 300 to 2 K. An anomalous transition in the temperature-dependent Seebeck coefficient S from S(T) $\propto $ T −1 to S(T) $\propto $ T was observed around 12 K. Such a transition demonstrates a transition of conductivity from 3D metallic bulk states to 2D metallic surface states with insulating bulk states. Our results suggest that the thermotransport measurements could be used for the characterization of state transition in topological insulators.

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