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Uilhoorn, W., Callori, S. J., Cortie, D. L., Su, H., Khaydukov, Y., Lin, K. & Klose, F. (2016). Enhanced magnetism in field-cooled [Ni80Fe20/Mn]3 multilayers studied using polarized neutron reflectometry. Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 711 012005-1-012005-6.


Here, the interfacial magnetic coupling in an exchange biased [Ni80Fe20/Mn]3 multilayer system has been studied using polarized neutron re ectometry. Previous results on this system indicate the importance of the coupling between the Fe-Mn and Ni-Mn orbitals at the layer interfaces. Magnetic depth profiles of the multilayer were measured at low temperatures under field-cooled and zero-field-cooled conditions. While no definitive interfacial state was found, a magnetic moment enhancement of roughly 20-30% in the applied field direction was observed throughout the bulk of the NiFe layers in the field-cooled state as compared to the zero-field-cooled measurements. The origin of this enhancement also likely stems from Fe-Mn and Ni-Mn orbital coupling, but due to the interfacial roughnesses of the sample, the areas where this coupling plays an important role is no longer confined to the interface.



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