Piezoelectric accelerometer for high temperature (1300°C) sensing



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Salazar, G., Kim, K., Zhang, S. & Jiang, X. (2012). Piezoelectric accelerometer for high temperature (1300°C) sensing. Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering United States: SPIE.


Piezoelectric devices have gained popularity due to their low complexity, low mass and low cost as compared with other high temperature technologies. Despite these advantages, currently piezoelectric sensors for high temperatures are limited by the temperature limits of piezoelectric materials and electrodes to under 1000°C. During this study, a sensor capable of operating in temperatures up to 1250°C has been developed. The shear mode design is featured with low profile and insensitive to mass-loading effects. Because current electrode materials cannot withstand temperatures above 1000°C for an extended period, an electrode-less design was implemented. This sensor prototype was tested at temperatures ranging from room temperature to 1250°C in the frequency range of 100-300Hz, showing stable performance. In addition, when tested for an extended dwelling time, the accelerometer demonstrated very stable behavior once it reached a steady operation at 1250°C. 2012 SPIE.

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