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Ciampi, S., Guan, B., Darwish, N. A., Zhu, Y., Reece, P. J. & Gooding, J. Justin. (2012). A multimodal optical and electrochemical device for monitoring surface reactions: Redox active surfaces in porous silicon Rugate filters. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 14 (47), 16433-16439.


Herein, mesoporous silicon (PSi) is configured as a single sensing device that has dual readouts; as a photonic crystal sensor in a Rugate filter configuration, and as a high surface area porous electrode. The as-prepared PSi is chemically modified to provide it with stability in aqueous media and to allow for the subsequent coupling of chemical species, such as via Cu(i)-catalyzed cycloaddition reactions between 1-alkynes and azides ("click" reactions). The utility of the bimodal capabilities of the PSi sensor for monitoring surface coupling procedures is demonstrated by the covalent coupling of a ferrocene derivative, as well as by demonstrating ligand-exchange reactions (LER) at the PSi surface. Both types of reactions were monitored through optical reflectivity measurements, as well as electrochemically via the oxidation/reduction of the surface tethered redox species. 2012 the Owner Societies.



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