Graphene polymer nanocomposites for fuel cells



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Zhu, J., Liu, F., Mahmood, N. & Hou, Y. (2015). Graphene polymer nanocomposites for fuel cells. In K. Kumar. Sadasivuni, D. Ponnamma, J. Kim & S. Thomas (Eds.), Graphene-based polymer nanocomposites in electronics (pp. 91-130). Switzerland: Springer International Publishing.


Fuel cells have long been considered as highly efficient devices for energy conversion which transform chemical energy directly into electricity, without any venomous pollutants emitted into ambient environment. In recent years, graphene-polymer nanocomposites have attracted intense interest as functional components in fuel cells. This chapter focuses on the potential applications of graphene-polymer composites in fuel cells. Recent advancement in the synthesis of graphene, polymer, graphene-polymer composites will be presented. Then, latest explorations of graphene-polymer composites applied as membranes, anode and cathode materials will be summarized. Furthermore, the vital roles of graphene- polymer to support noble metal catalysts will be illustrated. Finally, prospects of graphene-polymer composites for fuel cells will be outlined for further development.

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