Microporous bamboo biochar for lithium-sulfur batteries



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Gu, X., Wang, Y., Lai, C., Qiu, J., Li, S., Hou, Y., Martens, W., Mahmood, N. & Zhang, S. (2015). Microporous bamboo biochar for lithium-sulfur batteries. Nano Research, 8 (1), 129-139.


Being simple, inexpensive, scalable and environmentally friendly, microporous biomass biochars have been attracting enthusiastic attention for application in lithium-sulfur (Li-S) batteries. Herein, porous bamboo biochar is activated via a KOH/annealing process that creates a microporous structure, boosts surface area and enhances electronic conductivity. The treated sample is used to encapsulate sulfur to prepare a microporous bamboo carbon-sulfur (BC-S) nanocomposite for use as the cathode for Li-S batteries for the first time. The BC-S nanocomposite with 50 wt.% sulfur content delivers a high initial capacity of 1,295 mA·h/g at a low discharge rate of 160 mA/g and high capacity retention of 550 mA·h/g after 150 cycles at a high discharge rate of 800 mA/g with excellent coulombic efficiency (⩾95%). This suggests that the BC-S nanocomposite could be a promising cathode material for Li-S batteries.

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