Fabrication of coaxial wet-spun graphene-chitosan biofibers



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Mirabedini, A., Foroughi, J., Thompson, B. & Wallace, G. G. (2016). Fabrication of coaxial wet-spun graphene-chitosan biofibers. Advanced Engineering Materials, 18 (2), 284-293.


One-step continuous wet-spinning of coaxial electroactive fibres of chitosan/graphene oxide (Chit/GO) via a facile method is introduced for the first time, eliminating the need for posttreatment processes. Spinnability of coaxial fibres as well as their characterization for several properties is investigated. L-ascorbic acid was found to reduce graphene oxide under mild conditions to create conductivity in the final fibre. As-prepared fibres were found to be cytocompatible with good electrical conductivity and mechanical properties. SEM images from the cross-section of Chit/GO fibres showed an irregular shaped multifilament GO fibre covered with a cylinder-shaped sheath of chitosan. Coaxial fibres had an ultimate tensile stress and elastic modulus that increased 8 500% and 3 350%, respectively compared to the graphene oxide fibres alone.

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