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Liu, Y., Weng, B., Razal, J. M., Xu, Q., Zhao, C., Hou, Y., Seyedin, S., Jalili, R., Wallace, G. G. & Chen, J. (2015). High-performance flexible all-solid-state supercapacitor from large free-standing graphene-PEDOT/PSS films. Scientific Reports, 5 17045-1-17045-11.


Although great attention has been paid to wearable electronic devices in recent years, flexible lightweight batteries or supercapacitors with high performance are still not readily available due to the limitations of the flexible electrode inventory. In this work, highly flexible, bendable and conductive rGO-PEDOT/PSS films were prepared using a simple bar-coating method. The assembled device using rGO-PEDOT/PSS electrode could be bent and rolled up without any decrease in electrochemical performance. A relatively high areal capacitance of 448 mF cm-2 was achieved at a scan rate of 10 mV s-1 using the composite electrode with a high mass loading (8.49 mg cm-2), indicating the potential to be used in practical applications. To demonstrate this applicability, a roll-up supercapacitor device was constructed, which illustrated the operation of a green LED light for 20 seconds when fully charged.



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