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Patel, D., Hossain, M. Al., See, K., Qiu, W., Kobayashi, H., Ma, Z., Kim, S., Hong, J., Park, J., Choi, S., Maeda, M., Shahabuddin, M., Rindfleisch, M., Tomsic, M., Dou, S. Xue. & Kim, J. (2016). Evaluation of persistent-mode operation in a superconducting MgB2 coil in solid nitrogen. Superconductor Science and Technology, 29 1-6.


We report the fabrication of a magnesium diboride (MgB2) coil and evaluate its persistent-mode operation in a system cooled by a cryocooler with solid nitrogen (SN2) as a cooling medium. The main purpose of SN2 was to increase enthalpy of the cold mass. For this work, an in situ processed carbon-doped MgB2 wire was used. The coil was wound on a stainless steel former in a single layer (22 turns), with an inner diameter of 109 mm and height of 20 mm without any insulation. The two ends of the coil were then joined to make a persistent-current switch to obtain the persistent-current mode. After a heat treatment, the whole coil was installed in the SN2 chamber. During operation, the resultant total circuit resistance was estimated to be <7.4x10−14 Ω at 19.5 K±1.5 K, which meets the technical requirement for magnetic resonance imaging application.

Grant Number

ARC/FT110100170, ARC/DE130101247