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Feng, H., Xu, Z., Wang, L., Yu, Y., Mitchell, D., Cui, D., Xu, X., Shi, J., Sannomiya, T., Du, Y., Hao, W. & Dou, S. Xue. (2015). Modulation of photocatalytic properties by strain in 2d BiOBr nanosheets. ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 7 (50), 27592-27596.


BiOBr nanosheets with highly reactive {001} facets exposed were selectively synthesized by a facile hydrothermal method. The inner strain in the BiOBr nanosheets has been tuned continuously by the pH value. The photocatalytic performance of BiOBr in dye degradation can be manipulated by the strain effect. The low-strain BiOBr nanosheets show improved photocatalytic activity. Density functional calculations suggest that strain can modify the band structure and symmetry in BiOBr. The enhanced photocatalytic activity in low-strain BiOBr nanosheets is due to improved charge separation attributable to a highly dispersive band structure with an indirect band gap.



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