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Hackett, A. J., Malmström, J., Molino, P. J., Gautrot, J. E., Zhang, H., Higgins, M. J., Wallace, G. G., Williams, D. E. & Travas-Sejdic, J. (2015). Conductive surfaces with dynamic switching in response to temperature and salt. Journal of Materials Chemistry B, 3 (48), 9285-9294.


This work demonstrates polymer brushes grafted from conductive polymer films which display dynamic surface switching dependent on salt, temperature and electrode potential. The electroactivity presented by the conductive polymer and the responsiveness of the grafted brushes leads to an interface with multiple control parameters. Here, we demonstrate this concept by grafting of uncharged brushes of poly(ethylene glycol)methyl ether methacrylates from conducting polymer poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) (PEDOT), and observe a temperature- and salt-induced switch of brush conformation, and their effect on the electrochemistry of the material. The switching conditions can be tailored by copolymerizing monomers with different numbers of ethylene glycol units. In addition, these surfaces exhibit antifouling properties, leading to potential applications such as electrically-addressable biointerfaces.



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