Influence of hot-pressing on MgB2/Nb/Monel wires



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Kim, J, Matsumoto, A, Maeda, M, Yamada, Y, Wada, K, Tachikawa, K, Rindfleisch, M, Tomsic, M & Kumakura, H (2010), Influence of hot-pressing on MgB2/Nb/Monel wires, Physica C: Superconductivity and its Applications, 470(20), pp. 1426-1429.


Uniaxial hot-pressing was applied as an alternative way to further improve the grain connectivity of both un-doped and carbon doped MgB2/Nb/Monel wires. In this study, hot-pressing of 100 MPa resulted in the improvement of the mass density, the critical current density, and the grain connectivity of the wires. However, this also caused additional critical current density anisotropy, which is associated with the texture of a- and b-axes oriented grains. In particular, the anisotropy factors of critical current density for the un-doped and the carbon doped conductors were estimated to be 2.6 and 1.7, respectively, under an external magnetic field of 14 T.

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